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The project will use utility-scale batteries to provide grid support services benefiting the Ulster County region.

The project will be one of the most advanced utility-scale battery storage projects in the region. The Lincoln Park Grid Support Center will reduce the Hudson Valley electric system’s reliance on coal and gas plants by providing cleaner, more efficient, and lower-cost electric reliability services. The distributed nature and small scale of the project makes use of electrical infrastructure that is already in place at the site and allows for a small footprint to minimize impacts.

  • 20 MW of power capacity and 80 MWh of energy storage capacity (4 hours at full output)

  • 40 MW of power range (from -20 MW to +20 MW)

  • Near-instantaneous response to power changes

  • Non-liquid, fully enclosed battery

  • 24/7 monitoring and redundant safety systems



  • MW - Megawatt: one million watts

  • MWh - Megawatt-Hour: One megawatt generated or consumed for one hour

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