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GlidePath has revised the design of the Lincoln Park Grid Support Center, removing all fossil fuel components, making it a battery-only project and relocating the project to the northeast side of Frank Sottile Boulevard, farther from residences. 

New design

  • Batteries only

  • No exhaust stack, no air emissions

  • No use of natural gas

  • No fuel storage

  • No powerhouse or ancillary facilities

  • Purpose-built battery enclosures

  • Located on northeast side of Frank Sottile Boulevard, set back additional 800 feet

Old design

  • Hybrid energy system combining battery storage with natural gas generators

  • Exhaust stack

  • Connection to gas supply line

  • On-site diesel fuel storage

  • Powerhouse and ancillary facilities

  • Located on the west side of Frank Sottile Boulevard

Download a complete comparison of the original design (gas hybrid) and new design (battery only) here: Project Comparison Table

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