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The project site has undergone a detailed assessment. The process included on-site wetland assessments, cultural resource surveys, visual and sound impact analysis, and other studies to confirm that the project will not adversely impact the environment or community. While no power project is free of impacts, the project has been sited and designed to avoid or mitigate, to the extent feasible, negative environmental and community impacts. Results of the project studies have been shared with the Town of Ulster and other relevant stakeholders and posted on this site.

The Site:

The project site is located near the intersection of Frank Sottile Boulevard and Miron Lane in the Town of Ulster, N.Y. This site was chosen due to existing
on-site access to electrical infrastructure, appropriate zoning, and minimal potential for adverse impacts to the environment and community. While the project site comprises more than 100 acres, the batteries and building have a footprint of less than 5 acres, leaving the 
majority of the surrounding land undisturbed. In order to meet new building codes, the project layout was updated to house the battery components in steel containers rather than a building, More info here.

Access Project Documents and Site Plan


Project highlights:

  • Utility-scale battery technology

    • 20-MW project uses battery-only design

  • Small footprint

    • Project will take up less than 5 acres of 100-acre site, leaving more than 90 acres of natural wooded land untouched

  • No new pipeline capacity required

  • Privately funded

    • Will not increase costs to ratepayers

  • Reduces reliance on coal and gas plants for grid support services

  • Helps integrate renewable energy into local electric grid

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