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Information about the Project 

Update - November 2019

Due to changes in New York's building code requirements, GlidePath has updated the project design to house the batteries inside a group of non-occupiable steel containers, rather than in a single building.

The container design will make the project less visible from the road. Other than the appearance of the structure, there is no change to the project’s location, overall footprint, electrical capacity, technology, or construction timeline. GlidePath re-studied the sound level impact and confirmed the anticipated sound levels at the nearest property line to be 43.8 dB(A), well below the recommended limit of 60dB(A).


On October 8, 2019 GlidePath presented the containerized design to the Town of Ulster Planning board which approved the new design and recommended re-affirmation the original SEQRA Negative Declaration.  Ulster’s Town Board approved and reaffirmed the Negative Declaration on October 17, 2019. More info here.

Studies and Report

The following are studies and reports have been prepared by GlidePath to further describe the Project details.

  • Updated site plan showing container layout.

  •  Detailed Site Plan including existing conditions, lot line revisions, site plan, utility plan, erosion & sediment control and grading plan and details, and site details.

  • Preliminary route map showing the portions of its existing electric distribution system that will be upgraded to serve the Project.

  • Wetland Delineation and Report detailing the location and type of wetlands identified within the site and demonstrating avoidance of these wetlands.

  • Phase 2 Archaeology Investigation presenting the results of test excavations on the proposed area of development and confirming that the Project site does not meet the criteria for inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places.

  • Risk Analysis and Mitigation Report [Coming Soon]

  • A Letter Report detailing the abandonment of unused monitoring wells on the Project site​.

  • Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment (download Part 1 & Part 2) documenting the absence of any Recognized Environmental Conditions related to spills or other potential releases of hazardous materials on the Project site. This study establishes the condition of the site prior to development. 

Permitting Documents

The following are documents related to the project's major permits issued by local, state or federal agencies. 


  • Letter to Town of Ulster dated January 31, 2019 describing the changes to the Project including the change to an all battery configuration and the revised location. 

  • Amended Concept Plan submitted to the Town of Ulster on January 31, 2019

Note: The above section (Permitting Documents) is not intended to constitute official notice of public hearings, public meetings or permit documents. Community members interested in reviewing the complete project records or participating in formal public meetings or hearings should contact the applicable agency. The Town of Ulster (website) is the Lead Agency for the project pursuant to the NY SEQRA.

Presentations & Events

See the Events page for copies of presentations and other materials provided at events.  

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