The Lincoln Park Grid Support Center will strengthen electric service in the Ulster County region, contribute to the reduction of green house gas emissions and drive economic development.


  • Stronger local electric grid

    • Ability to serve as a microgrid, maintaining local power during prolonged outages of the broader system (subject to coordination with local utility).

  • Contributes to New York state clean energy goals

    • Goals include deployment of up to 3,000 MW of energy storage resources, reduced pollution ​from peaking plants, integration of 50% renewable energy by 2030. 



  • Cuts green house gas emissions

    • Battery-only design will deliver grid support services currently provided by large, less-efficient coal and gas-fired plants.

  • Renewable energy integration
    • New York has aggressive goals for increasing new renewable energy in the coming years. This project will support the integration of more renewable energy without competing against wind or solar generator.

  • Preservation of 95+ acres of green space
    • Occupies less than 5 acres of a 100+ acre site, with the remainder being preserved as a natural, wooded area. GlidePath expects to transfer management of these preserved acreage to an experienced land stewardship organization for long-term management.


  • Increased local tax revenue

    • GlidePath estimates the Project will pay $75,000 to $100,000 per year in property tax and will contribute to local sales tax and other local revenues throughout the development, construction, and operations period.

  • Construction jobs and economic activity

    • Represents $25-30 million in local investment.